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The Carnival (Sombra) - An Overwatch Weight Gain
    Sombra crawled out of an old, rusty shaft on the top of a mountain. The fresh air was sending shivers down the woman's spine, while she looked down to the square in the bottom of the mountain. There was something down there, that caused it to be much more flashy and noisy than usual. She didn't know what was going on since she was on a mission in the past week. She heard about a small festival, that was about to happen, but, since she just moved in into her new hideout, she didn't know about. It was fairly big, since it not only covered the entire square but the small streets around it, covering them with various booths and many people. A few teenagers were sitting on the edge of the stone platform around the square.
    -Well, podría usar una caminata.
    She jumped down onto a rooftop, then slowly crept down on the wall, 'till she found an unlocked window. She jumped in, luckily found herself in a bed
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The Early Weight Gains In Overwatch 15
    ‘Hello, Angela...’
    The tall, skinny man appeared out of nothing. Well, not from “nothing”, but from the green gas that built up in the room. He wore torn pieces of a checked shirt, jeans, and a lab coat. A gas mask was on his face, it's glasses shaded enough for them to not see his eyes, just a green glow.
    One of them jumped up from his chair and aimed his gun at him. The man reached out to him with his arm and a cloud of the green gas was released at him, completely devouring him. When the gas disappeared, he was completely clean from any skin, muscles, and organs. Just bones. The skeleton then fell apart on the ground.
    ‘A, a, a... There’s no need for violence... I just came here to talk to an old friend...’
    ‘I welcome you, stra
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Mature content
The Early Weight Gains In Overwatch 14 :icondinamizmus1000:dinamizmus1000 1 0
Mature content
The Early Weight Gains In Overwatch 13 :icondinamizmus1000:dinamizmus1000 1 0
The Early Weight Gains In Overwatch 12
    ‘Are you sure how this is good for you? I mean, according to my calculations, you had devoured 56 times of food your body would need to function. At your actual size.’
    Angela had been sitting in this room for around six hours, just drinking and eating the various foods Mei had given her. Her monstrous beer belly sitting between her thighs, firm, but still extremely plushy, like the rest of her body, thanks to the huge amount of carbonated drinks, especially beer. It was so huge, she needed to ask Hephaestus to place the table to her side. Her first idea was to place herself to the side of the table, but she was too lazy to stand up and the robotic arms were too weak to lift her up. In one hand, she had a bottle of beer, on the other, she was lifting just as much food to her mouth as her huge bingo wings were able to do.
    She wore her battle suit, just because it was the onl
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A Bloat Among Heroes - Overwatch WG FINAL
Soooo... These are the 2 epilogues that I asked a question about. I ask the same question again.
Which one is better, more suitable for you? PLEASE answer. Anything. Literally anything. Just give me some feedback about it.
Epilogue 1 or Epilogue 2.    
    Epilogue 1
    Angela woke up in a white room. She was lying on a bed, with multiple machines at her left. She recognized how it was the hospital of the main Watchpoint, as she has already been here when she joined. She tried to move, but her muscles heavily resisted. Someone in a lab coat saw her moving around, so he ran up to her. He took out a syringe from a pocket on his coat and inserted it into her. Her head became fuzzy and she fell asleep.
    She woke up the second morning, now not only with the doctors but with a tall, gray haired man, in full armor, wearing a blue coat. She tried to move again
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The Early Weight Gains In Overwatch 11
    ‘...And then we had ran trough the scattered field, pushing even further... That was the short story *hic* of how we had captured Berlin. I had lost around two-thousand pounds trough that time*hic*. I never felt lighter, until now, of course. At that night I had met this little thing.’
    Angela looked down to the bottle of Roggenbier in her hand, looking quiet drunk.
    ‘Angela, do you really think how it’s good for you? After all, you’re a doctor.’
    ‘Just because *hic* I’m a doctor, that doesn’t means I *hic* can’t drink beer!’
    ‘Can you tell how usually how many times you get drunk? In a week?’
    ‘Around... six times
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A Bloat Among Heroes - Overwatch WG Part 5
    07.26 6:36 PM ???
    Sam was really excited about this evening. It was his turn to get the daily reports about Sombra’s and Widowmaker’s mission. Mostly about talking with Sombra again. Nobody knew it, but he had a huge crush on her. He loved her character, her attitude and mostly, her body. It was just so perfect. Completely fit and lean. Just as he liked. And that’s why he didn’t like the goal of this mission because she would lose that physique. He could only hope how she would lose it, so he could ask her out for a date.
    He ran down the hallways from his quarters to the comm room. The place was always empty at this hour of the day. Every communicator and agent were mostly asleep at this time, expect Sombra. He didn’t remember when was the last time she disconnected with saying she’s going to bed.
    But unlike oth
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A Bloat Among Heroes - Overwatch WG Part 4
        Adrian was sitting on a bench in the armory, disassembling and reassembling a pulse rifle in his lap. No one else was in the room, just him and his thoughts. A tall man suddenly sat down next to him, but he didn’t reacted, just continued assembling the gun. The man put his hand on his left shoulder and Adrian stopped.
        -You should go to sleep.
        The man’s voice was deep and he talked slowly, stretching the vowels.
        -I know.
        -What’s wrong? C’mon, Adrian. I see something bothers you.
        -I just... Phil, do
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The Early Weight Gains In Overwatch 10
    ‘Good morning, MER-325!’
    The woman sat up in her metallic bed.
    ‘We are really happy to tell you that you are in the possession of the DT-46 Omnic Research Facility for now, 1825 days. We can consider this as your 5 year anniversary with us.’
    The woman slowly raised up from the bed and stood up, looking at the speaker, her blonde hair flowing down to the base of her back.
    ‘Now, that you know this, we had gave you your documents from the last few years, only just some data restricted from you.’
    The woman had reached to the utility belt on the box and strapped it on herself.
    ‘If you are done with exa
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The Early Weight Gains In Overwatch 9
    Mei was sitting on her bed, wearing a small transparent push up bra and a g-string thong. She heard a knocking on her door and she ran happily to the door, imagining how much “fun” she will have with Lavern.
    When she opened the door, she got a little surprised. It was Lavern, but he didn’t wore anything casual, he was still in his lab coat.
    ‘Did you needed it this fast, how you didn’t had any time to change clothes, or you want to play some... foreplay?’
    ‘Neither.’ He said angrily. ’Now, take this.
    Lavern tossed a syringe full of some sort of green fluid to his partner.
    ‘B-but why?
    ‘Because I said so! No
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A Bloat Among Heroes - Overwatch WG Part 3
    07.24. 11:36 PM ??? (Computer Text)
    Base: agent...
    Som: yeah?
    Base: how’s the mission?
    Som: you wouldn’t believe how good.
    Base: i have time.
    Som: i know. sam or linc?
    Base: new recruit.
    Som: wow. you know about the mission?
    Base: yes. it’s my task, to receive status reports from the mission.
    Som: fine. so, the first target was mercy and it was way too easy. she’s so naive. but you wil
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The Early Weight Gains In Overwatch 8
    Two weeks after this event, Mei and a man in a white lab coat and a surgical mask stood in a laboratory, in front of a probably eastern european woman. She was clearly well over the normal meaning of morbid obesity, Her fat body hanging down the sides of the table.
    ‘I’m impressed Miss Ling,- said the man.- Your plan was perfect. To infect her with my mind dulling drugs, then use my amplified version of her so called serum, was... well, weird but still really good. But what do you need me to do more? I gave you everything I was able to. I was even gave you the figure you “always dreamed of”, what else do you need?”
    ‘I want you to enhance the power of her muscles. That’s all.’
    ‘Okay, that’s a very simple task. How much do you want?’
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A Bloat Among Heroes - Overwatch WG Part 2
    Angela woke up from her sleep to Lena’s shouting. She fell asleep in the trap’s chair, mostly, because she stuck. Her thighs and ass had grown at least twice as big as her hips size was before, forcing the arms of the chair to bend outwards. Between her legs rested her huge, exercise ball sized belly. It was extremely stuffed, due to the fact that her housemate did this “session” at least every 15 minutes. Her breasts grew the least amount, but they were still bigger than her head now. She developed a triple chin and a fourth appeared when she looked down.
        She wore a white blouse, it’s buttons all popped off and it’s back already torn in half, exposing her stretched black bra. She also wore a pair of black tuxedo pant, already tron into pieces. She became like this only because she just obeyed her housemate, despite knowing about what would happen. She hoped she would stop by her
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A Bloat Among Heroes - Overwatch WG Part 1.
    06.15. 7:56 PM, Watchpoint Firedew, Between the borders of Russia and Kazakhstan
    The new base was surprisingly small, compared to the other ones around the world. It was also one of the few which didn’t get its name from the place it was located. It had 6 barracks, each of them able to settle 4 people at once for the less important operatives and 4 with enough space to take in VERY comfortably 2 people at once, to take more important ones. These formed a circle and in the middle was a small training yard. Around 25-30 meters away was a small assembly yard, to make equipment for the normal operatives and each one of the important barracks had one for themselves After it’s building got finished, it was immediately filled with agents:
    Less Important Agents: Liberius “Stalker” Bolívar
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The Early Weight Gains In Overwatch 7
The following months had been continued like this. Angela got more missions with less and less incidents like her first. Her reputation grown in the facility and in the outside too. She slowly got used to the feeling of the loss and then completely forgot about it. She got back to her daily routine, with the missions for her, like, to escort a team to the battlefield like her first one, or to just help a team to do a mission. She made the bond between her friendship with Mei stronger than ever. She started to feel herself in place again, when Mr. Reyes called her to his office.
She wore a white t-shirt, hugging her body, showing off her toned stomach and her voluptuous breasts. She also sported some black yoga pants that’s were also hugging her body. She was a bit sweaty and tired, because she just finished her mid-day run when she saw the message and that’s why she was wearing such a everyday dress.
She excepted only Mr. Reyes to be in the room, but there was two other man
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The Cursed Weight Gain Dream
Jenny didn’t believe in witchcraft.
Raised an atheist, she had always felt certain that spells and magic of any description were resolutely confined to the domain of fiction. Over the course of her miserable seventeenth year of life, however, her faith, or more accurately her lack of it, was shaken.
She’d started to have dreams. Every night, she dreamt the same thing; she’d be sitting in a majestic banquet hall, alone at a table that bowed under the weight of more food that any one person could hope to eat. And every night, the delicious scent of this fictional feast was so great that she couldn’t help but dig in with her bare hands. Plate after plate, serving after serving she would consume relentlessly, gorging without restraint like a starving animal.
There she would eat alone for what felt like hours, impossible amounts of food passing her lips and making its way to her stomach. By the time the feast was over and the grand table was bare she was stuffed, and
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Sooo, the poll is over, and the winner is obvious.

If you know what I mean.
It's not a new story, but you know what I meant:

Voting ends at 14th of the month, or if it gets at least five votes. Yes, five. We're not too big, so even that would be a bit too much.
    Sombra crawled out of an old, rusty shaft on the top of a mountain. The fresh air was sending shivers down the woman's spine, while she looked down to the square in the bottom of the mountain. There was something down there, that caused it to be much more flashy and noisy than usual. She didn't know what was going on since she was on a mission in the past week. She heard about a small festival, that was about to happen, but, since she just moved in into her new hideout, she didn't know about. It was fairly big, since it not only covered the entire square but the small streets around it, covering them with various booths and many people. A few teenagers were sitting on the edge of the stone platform around the square.
    -Well, podría usar una caminata.
    She jumped down onto a rooftop, then slowly crept down on the wall, 'till she found an unlocked window. She jumped in, luckily found herself in a bedroom, opened the wardrobe and grabbed a black blouse and a blue trouser. They were slightly loose on her, but that didn't matter since she wouldn't use them for long. Before leaving, she grabbed a backpack, where she stuffed her cloak, then she jumped out of the window, landing with a somersault. Nobody was around, so nobody saw her little stunt, which left her a little disappointed. The street, which she was walking down towards the square and ultimately, her hideout, had a few people walking around, eating various pastries, eclairs, donuts and other foods while carrying a plastic bag, possibly filled with more food.
    By these signs, she already assumed that this was something like a food carnival. When she was stationed in America, she saw a lot of these and, well, they really did a number on her figure. Those were the hardest times in her career, but the best ones by far. Even then, she still needed to do her job. And the flab that she collected over time was in her way, so that had to go, sadly. It wasn't too much, just a bigger cup size and a slightly more jiggly butt and it didn't make her life harder, but that extra weight was still dragging her down a bit.
    As she got closer, the smell of various sweet and salty pastries appeared and got stronger and stronger, confirming her theory about the carnival's purpose. Steam was flooding out of the booths, while people were either eating or paying for the food that was about to be consumed by them with much delight. She marked the first place in the line as her destination, which surprisingly didn't have any line. As she got closer, it became obvious for her why nobody wanted to eat there. Next to the booth was a small area where people could sit down and eat the products that this place sold. But now, instead of many people squishing together on the benches, there was only one truly immense woman, sitting there, stuffing her face with a seemingly endless stack of pastries, that Sombra didn't recognize yet. The woman's blonde hair was sticking to her skull from the sweat, while her clothes were straining around her body. Sombra looked at the omnic in the front with a confused face.

    -Who is this?

    -Frankly, I don't know. I'm in the night shift and she always comes here in the morning. Joe said she's some sort of celebrity, however, he didn't tell me who exactly. I only know what to give her.

    -And what is it?

    -Well, we sell eclairs and Joe said that I should give her as much as she wanted.

    -And what's in them? Eso es lo que le pedí, pero lo que sea.

    -Okay okay. They have our famous quadruple filling, which she eats right now. They also have the extra chocolate topping, with heavy cream mixed in.

    -Um... And it's that adictivo?

    -No, of course not. I'm sure it's the thing that Joe puts in it. They are not even close to being this fattening, too. The carnival only opened at the start of the week and that's not enough time for a human to put this much weight on.

    -Bueno. What about that "quadruple filling"?

    -Oh, you want one? Well, it's your lucky day. It's the last day and every shop has to give a free sample to everyone. Would you like one?

    -Si, gracias.

    The omnic turned around, facing towards the ovens. He grabbed a chunk of dough, kneaded it into a cylinder and filled it with cream. Then he poured chocolate on top of it and put it in one of the ovens. One moment later, the eclair was done and handed to Sombra. It was dripping with cream, staining her gloves instantly. When she took a bite from it, its contents sprayed across her face, shocking her for a moment. She wiped it off, then licked it down from her fingers, bought two other thanked the omnic and continued on her way. Or more like, tried to.
    Before she could move too far, the guy in the next booth already shouted "FREE SAMPLES" into her ear, which she found an irresistible offer, so she turned to face towards him. This one was selling donuts and was actually a representative of the food company, Addonut. The counter was filled with various doughnuts, like yeast donuts, cake donuts, churros and even the Italian bomboloni.

    -Muestras gratis, you say...

    -Yes, ma'am! You can take whichever you want!

    -Well, if you say so... I'll take that!

    -A cake donut? Be vary, they are really delicious and really filling!

    -I heahd abou- *gulp* -about them. Whoa, esto es realmente bueno! I'll buy a dozen.
    -A dozen?! Well, it's your body, your business.


    -Free samples! Free samples!

    -Hey, I heard something like, "free samples", if you know what I mean.

    -Yes, miss, what can I get you?

    -I would like a... hmmm... ah, what are those?

    -These? These are called strudels!

    -I would like one.

    -Which one? We have some with cottage cheese, apples, poppy, cherries-

    -Manzanas? I'll take that.

    -Soo? How is it?

    -Oh, its *gulp* its delicious! I'll buy four!

    -Four apple strudels coming right up!


    -Free sampl- Ah ma'am, I can see that you want a free sample from our delicious cinnamon rolls! Come here, get one!

    -No *burp* I-I think this is enou-

    -Come on! Please! Don't leave us here like that!

    -F-fine... *gulp* Oh, estos son como el cielo! I'll buy, I don't know, six, maybe?


    -Miss, come here! Take a free sample from our famous cheesecake!

    -*huff* O-okay...*huff* just...*puff* wait...*huff* no...*buurp* c-could you... feed it to me? My hands are pretty...*huff* full.

    -Yeah, I can see that! Open wideeeee!

    -Hmff! Hmffff! *BUUUUURRRPPP* Wh-why did you fed the WHOLE... *huff* THING to me?!

    -Calm down. Now, do you want to buy anything?

    -W-well, why not? I'll buy two.

    -Great! I'll pack them in.


    Sombra finally got out of the mass of people that were still roaming around in the carnival. Her huge, distended belly sloshing left and right, causing her not only stomach aches but back pain, too. The blouse's buttons already popped off, but luckily for her, she was still wearing her black and purple tracksuit, which was still covering her entire body. It still outlined her belly pretty much, but so did every other piece of clothing in her current state. Creams and sweet sauces smeared all across her cheeks and hands. She was holding plastic bag in her hands, rested on her inner elbow and larger bags even swung over her shoulder.
    She walked up to a double door, knocked three times simultaneously, then once again and the door immediately opened. She slowly carried herself in, put down the bags on a nearby dinner table, then closed the door with a magnetic lock. The apartment was small but very compact, with the bedroom and the kitchen fused together, while the bathroom was in another room. The whole place was centered around the computer in the middle, with many built-in wires connecting to various home appliances, like the fridge, the microwave, the oven and the small welding machine next to the computer. The room was colored in the colors black and purple, just how she liked it, but to earn it, she had to sacrifice some contacts, since it was not Sombra, who paid for these. It was still Talon that set up her new hideouts after old's location become known to enemies or after they blow up, which was actually what happened to her last one.
    She sat down on her couch, which faced towards her computer, typed something down on the keyboard that was installed into the sofa, which caused the PC to start up, open a browser and open one of the many sites that pirated movies. A film started, but that didn't matter to Sombra since she was already asleep. Her immense belly forced her legs apart, gurgling and sloshing, digesting the food in it.


    10 Hours Later


    The sun was sneaking through the curtains that were supposed to block it out, failing miserably. Light shining into the somewhat small room, dimming the other light sources. Large bags covering the kitchen counter, like rocks a beach's otherwise sandy surface. The air was fairly cold, just above the temperature that would make people sick. The large screen, placed on the wall, parallel to the door, was still playing a movie, but of course, not the one originally intended to, however, the sound was muted completely, allowing the woman on the couch to sleep. Speaking of which.
    She was still wearing the tracksuit, however, it was clear, that it was not her size anymore. Her huge bust tore a large hole in the top of it, granting a great view of her cleavage. Her meaty thighs spread out on the sofa, not too much, but they were definitely large, compared to her old ones. Her waist was truly a breathtaking sight if she walked, with a large jiggly bubble, but that was not "tested out" for now. She had a hint of fat on her stomach, but she was broader on the sides, giving her an even "wider" body shape. Her arms have developed bingo wings, while the only place where she didn't gain any significant weight was her face, which just looked a bit fuller than normal.
    Sombra finally awoke, immediately noticing her recent change when she stretched out her arms and felt their increased weight. She looked downwards, seeing her large breasts and her fat legs, a small smile appeared on her face. The sight really satisfied her, as she cupped up her left breast with one hand, slowly pushing it out of the tracksuit. As she succeeded in doing so, she started fondling it, while walking to the kitchen counter. As she looked up from her business, straight at the plastic bags, her subtle smile became a happy grin, as she looked into a random bag and pulled out a pack of donuts. The box felt heavy, especially with her newfound flab. She put it down on the arm of the sofa after she walked back to it, and opened the pack. She picked out one with chocolate glaze, took a bite in it, then wiped her mouth with the tracksuit's sleeve. She quickly stuffed the rest in her mouth, before eating another one, now with vanilla filling. After she ate the whole pack, she went back to the counter and took out a whole apple pie. She ate all of it, with her bare hands, then started searching for something else.
    This went on for a while, before she sat down in her computer's chair, satisfied. Her belly was nowhere near as big as last night, but it was certainly large, sticking out at least eleven inches in front of her. She started massaging it while groaning from the fullness. After a couple of minutes, she eventually stopped, mostly because she found no relief in the action, and turned her attention to the monitor in front of her. She closed the browser and opened a notification in the bottom left corner. It showed a message, it's sender named "Base 51", which sent the following:

    "agent-2976, agent-36 is supposed to be at your location, ready for the next mission"

    She replied to it as:

    "she is not here. and im not really ready for action."

    The answer immediately came, showing that there was someone on the other end right now:

    "interesting. get ready for action, while we find the missing agent."


    With that, Sombra closed the message and walked up to her wardrobe. She pushed a button on its side, which resulted in the opening of the large furniture. She squeezed herself into it, the doors closed and the elevator shot downwards. When it arrived, it opened into a short hallway, with three doors on the way, one on each side and one in the end.  She slowly dragged herself out of the tiny space, and after a little stretching, she went into the room on the left. Its insides could be described as a large walk-in wardrobe, with a variety of clothes hung up on the hangers, from simple jeans and shirts, pajamas, to elegant costumes and dresses. There was, of course, the section where her tracksuits and cloaks were stored. She walked up to that part of the room and chose a full deep purple bodysuit. Since even Sombra herself knew that it was impossible for her to get into it by her own force, she brought up the hologram of a small keyboard, typed something in, that made the mechanic arms on the ceiling, to slide to her position on their railings. They grabbed her arms, lifted her up in the air and stuffed her inside the suit. It was a painful process, tearing the same holes into the suit as before, but now other ones, too, since it was a rapid and forced stretch. Tears appeared on the sides of her lower body, fat poking out the holes.
    She rubbed her backside since it received a lot of friction from the latex tracksuit. That rubbing quickly turned into groping, just showing how much Sombra loved her new body. She immediately came to her senses, as her thoughts drifted back to what she was supposed to do. She quickly picked up her cloak and wrapped herself in it, straining the belt to connect the two ends. After the magnetic locks connected, she slowly left the room and stepped into the one on the other side. This was an armory, with mostly small, compact pistols and SMGs, but there were some larger ones stored there, mostly for decoration, since her job had nothing to do with heavy weapons. She picked up a silenced pistol from the top shelf on the left, took four magazines and left the room, heading towards the end of the hallway.
    Inside was a moderately large room, with nothing in it, except a terminal on the left side of the door. She turned it on and selected a menu point "Castillo Mountain: Night". In the moment she pushed the "start" button, the room started shaking and a little platform under her lifted her up to the ceiling. It quickly changed colors, so it resembled a rooftop and the other parts of the room changed in that style, expanding the space around her until it was quite large and resembled a little house.
    She started running towards the edge of the rooftop, but she lost her momentum pretty quickly, as she slowed down to a jogging speed. When she actually reached the edge, she bent down, hands on her knees, huffing, and puffing.

    -Mierda, bien, puedo hacer esto. 

    She jumped off, landing hard on the house below her. There was a guy equipped with light armor and an automatic battle rifle. Sombra quickly turned her stealth on, trying to get behind the guy quietly, but her heavy footsteps and heavy breathing probably got his attention, because he turned around, aiming down sights, trying to find her. This was before she could get behind him, so she had no chance for a silent takedown. She pulled out the pistol, aiming at him, but he noticed her first and was able to land a few shots in her before she could kill him. The simulation immediately ended, when the bullets hit her, the whole room turned back to its original, boring grey color. The platforms slowly crept back to their original places, leaving her on the ground, breathing heavily. The woman stood back up, walked back to the armory, placed the pistol back to its place and went back to her hideout with the elevator.
    She was down there only for an hour or so, but it was already in the early afternoon, so she decided to not do anything until she receives another message. Which was not that long, since one was already waiting for her. She sat back into the chair and opened it.

    "we have run into some problems, youre not getting into any missions for the next few days."

    "what problems?"

    "agent-36 is not in the right condition for any mission right now."


    With that, Sombra leaned back in the chair, hands behind her head, looking at the ceiling, she started to think about what will she do now. Considering her available choices, she chose to stay at home, watching movies while binge eating. Before anything else, she got herself a few bags of tortillas and two bottles of coke, then put in a long movie. Why did she chose to eat chips instead of the trendemous amount of pastries and dessert on her counter?

    She had other plans for those.
The Carnival (Sombra) - An Overwatch Weight Gain
Two things:

First, Google Translator is the man's best friend. No, it's not the dog.

Second, yes, the end suggests a sequel, but there are other things to do, first.

    ‘Hello, Angela...’


    The tall, skinny man appeared out of nothing. Well, not from “nothing”, but from the green gas that built up in the room. He wore torn pieces of a checked shirt, jeans, and a lab coat. A gas mask was on his face, it's glasses shaded enough for them to not see his eyes, just a green glow.

    One of them jumped up from his chair and aimed his gun at him. The man reached out to him with his arm and a cloud of the green gas was released at him, completely devouring him. When the gas disappeared, he was completely clean from any skin, muscles, and organs. Just bones. The skeleton then fell apart on the ground.


    ‘A, a, a... There’s no need for violence... I just came here to talk to an old friend...’


    ‘I welcome you, stranger. Shall I know your name?’

    Sea spoke up, grabbing the spear at her side.

    ‘I don’t have a name... I had and I remember it... As you do...’


    Sea had stood up, an ice spear slowly appearing in her hands.


    ‘You know it... But that’s not why I came here... I came he-




    ‘-re to give you a gift...’


    Lena was lying on the ground after the man blocked her attack. Angela was trying to get up, to leave the room, but her immense weight pinned her down. The keg was still in front of her face, pouring beer all over her face and humongous chest.

    The man walked up to her face and pushed off the barrel.


    ‘Oh my... what had become of you. What did th-




    ‘-is person did to you... You were such a beautiful woman back then...’


    All the remaining four me was standing, their guns ready to shoot, but not aiming at the man.


    ‘They say... The Ice holds everything... It’s true... The Ice gave back your memories... I could introduce myself... My name was... Buch Lavern... I think now you know who I am...’




    Sea lowered her spear, looking confused.


    ‘It’s me... While you had understood the powers of the Ice, I did so with something else... In a mu-




    ‘-ch painful way...’


    Angela didn’t understand what was he saying. She didn’t understand a lot of things lately because her suit had broke and didn’t protect her body and brain to get affected by the immense amounts of beer and junk food she was eating lately.

    Lavern’s clawed hands were caressing her belly. Everyone in the room was able to hear the sloshing sounds from her stomach. It was still digesting, making her even bigger, puffier. Her naked body shivering from the pain his claws caused.


    ‘Now... I had mastered the ways, the powers of... The Venom... Ice ho-’




    ‘-lds everything... Venom is in everything... It can change your mind, your body, your world... This is why I’m here...’


    ‘What do you want?’


    Sea held up her spear again, pointing it at the man.


    ‘The Venom thinks you’ve done enough harm... You killed so many... You caused so many irreversible problems for others... I know what happened to you... You know what I did to you... I suffered enough... you didn’t...’


    She jumped up and tried to hit him with her weapon. Lavern dug his claws into her back and pinned her to the floor. Sea felt a caustic fluid spread through her veins, just like when she became who she is now.

    He pulled out his claws from her and stood up. She was trembling on the ground.


    ‘You are we-’




    ‘-aker than what I excepted...’


    He dug his fingers even more deep into her flesh, she was screaming from the pain. But the worst was just the next. He pulled the sharp things out of her and sank his indicator finger into her head. The toxin spread through her brain, worsening her already bad state.


    ‘Calm down... It will e-’




    ‘-nd soon...’


    She slowly stood up, but Lavern grabbed her and tossed Sea into a chair. She suddenly became immobile, unable to move in any directions.


    ‘You will get what you earned... The Venom can change eve-’






    Angela felt the burning pain in her head slowly disappear. Her thinking became clear again and her knowledge came back. Her headache left and she was finally able to talk normally.


    ‘L...Lavern... What happened... What’s wrong with my body...’


    ‘Shh... It will be alright...’


    As he said this, her body slowly started to shrink, getting smaller and smaller by the second.




    Sea felt her body slowly expanding. Her arms slowly became from the slender limbs to monstrous meat-sacks. Her breast burst out of her armor, flooding over her now immense, floor-touching belly. It poured all over the floor in folds and stick out around thirteen feet in front of her. Her ass and thighs broke the armrests and also reached the floor.

    Her body was covered in stretch marks and cellulite. Her armor was still there, but it was no more able to protect her from any kind of harm, her light-blue flesh had parted the pieces, but didn’t break them.


    ‘What... What did you do to me...?’


    ‘The Venom may have overdone it a little... You must be around three-thousand pounds or so... I’ve do-’




    ‘-ne my part of the job...’


    And with that, he disappeared into the green gas. Angela slowly stood up and hardly put Lena on the bed. Then she noticed how she was naked, so she quickly picked up a pair of snug jeans and a white blouse. They clung to her body, which was pretty good looking.

    Her bottom and thighs were chubby, but shapely, her bosom huge and round, around an L-cup and her stomach was slim and smooth. Pure perfection.

    Lena suddenly woke up and stared at Angela’s large bosom.




    ‘Calm down, you need medical attention.’


    ‘Angela... What happened...?’


    ‘I don’t know either. I will need to take you to the medical wing.’




    The mysterious person vanished, leaving the four of the and Sea there. The monstrous woman slowly stood up and tried to walk but her humongous belly was blocking her way, so she just sat back in the chair, which immediately collapsed.


    ‘What am I gonna do now...’




    ‘You really have to leave now. My Lord is probably almost here and if he finds me l-’


    Suddenly someone shouted in the room.


    ‘The king is back! The Glacier is back!’


    ‘Run! You need to h-’


    A man in heavy ice armor had broke in the room, riding a polar bear. Behind him was a man similar to him, but much skinnier, also riding a bear.


    ‘And then I saw the seal and shot. Right into it's head. Good thing the woman doesn’t need to eat-’


    He looked at them, then at Sea. He jumped off from the bear and started approaching the group.


    ‘My Lord, this is not what you think it is!’


    His right hand slowly transformed into a large sharp claw, covering his entire forearm.


    ‘Please! They didn’t d-’


    He pierced the second man in the lineup, right in his stomach. Ice-shards poked through his skin and his entire body blown to bits, spraying frozen blood all over the place.




    He did this until he finally reached Wilhelm. Before he could reach to him, he swung the hammer and threw him at the wall. Sea tried to help her king, but her body didn’t let her do so, again. She just wiggled in one place.

    Reinhardt rushed at him, swinging his hammer and was all about to crush his opponent when Glacier cut off the head of the weapon. It fell on the crusader’s feet hard and he bend over, right into his claw. He blew off Wilhelm’s head, then rushed over to his wife. He grabbed a handful of the rich flesh


    ‘What happened?!’


    ‘It... I don’t know who he was.’


    He continued groping her fat. Then he used ice to take back to her bedroom. Her immense belly spread all over her thighs, reaching the floor even while she was lying in her bed.


    ‘What is going to happen now?’


    ‘Huh, well, looks like you won’t be able to do much for the kingdom. Of course, I will take you to the feasts, but it looks like I will need to ask the chefs to cook a lot more than before.’

Sooo, the poll is over, and the winner is obvious.

If you know what I mean.


Mary Angler


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